Reaching our potential through diversity, equity and inclusion

When we embrace our differences, we become stronger, more innovative and more responsive to the wide array of customers we serve. We focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) because all employees and customers should have the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Hearing all ideas gives us the best ideas.

To us, diversity, equity and inclusion means seeking out and promoting diverse talent. It means using our financial expertise to help close gaps of wealth inequality in communities. And it means making every employee feel empowered to bring their unique perspective to work. It’s through these commitments that we’ll reach our potential, and make sure that every employee and customer can reach theirs too. ​​​​​​​

Business Resource Groups

One of the ways we foster our culture of community and belonging is with Business Resource Groups. These groups are by employees and for employees, bringing together individuals with similar backgrounds, experiences or interests alongside their allies.  

Their purpose? Give employees a platform to make their voice heard and contribute powerfully to the company with opportunities to network and develop leadership skills along the way. More than 22,000 employees take part, amplifying their unique perspectives and letting us learn from their life experiences. 
    Current chapters: ​​​​​​
    Asian Heritage 
    Black Heritage 
    Development Network
    European Inclusion
    Indigenous Peoples
    Nosotros Latinos (Hispanic and Latino heritage)
    Proud to Serve (military and veterans)
    Spectrum LGBTQ+

    Newsroom articles 

    This U.S. Banker created a new role teaching diverse youth about building wealth

    U.S. Bank Law Division recognized for diversity and inclusion leadership 

    This U.S. Banker created a new role teaching diverse youth about building wealth

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    Our technology and digital teams produce highly visible work that receives recognition. They routinely push the boundaries of what’s possible and have won numerous industry awards and accolades.
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